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One of the easiest ways for Building Managers to save money – plan your maintenance.                                     

Well planned maintenance is one of the easiest ways for a business or building manager money in the long term. Similar to avoiding hefty bills for car repairs, our maintenance contracts are designed to identify wear and tear before it becomes a problem.

As well as saving significant amounts of money, you can expect to enjoy the following…

Improvements in System Efficiency – Mechanical parts require regular checks. Our experienced, fully qualified staff will carry out comprehensive checks of all system components, leaving you with a system running to it’s best.

Legal Compliance – You need to replace your R22 refrigerant NOW! Actually, you need to do it several months ago, new legislation has been being enforced since January 1st 2015. It requires all R22 Refrigerant to be replaced. This is a routine task for our engineers

A Safe Workplace – Damaged machines running with worn parts are much more likely to develop a fault. Leaking, fumes and fire are very real risks that you can easily avoid by planning your maintenance. Remember, you are legally obliged to keep your workplace safe for people.

Healthy Employees – You are probably aware that companies can end up losing several thousands of pounds every year as a result of allergies and other ill health, don’t let yours be one of them! Keeping filters and ducts clean and hygienic will dramatically reduce the amount of airborne bacteria in the working environment and make your business a pleasant place to work for all building occupants.

Valid Warranty – Most warranties are only valid on systems or equipment that have been well maintained. You may find that some parts are exempt from warranty, planning regular maintenance is the best way to avoid having to replace expensive parts that have been damaged unnecessarily.

Up To Date Records – Wouldn’t it be great of all of your records were up to date. In the event of an accident or making an insurance claim, your records can be an invaluable source of proof that you have kept maintained your building systems effectively.

Priority Attention – As a Planned maintenance Customer, you will have access to our engineers 24/7. This means that in the unlikely case of a breakdown or emergency, you will receive priority attention. A fast response will help you avoid prolonged periods of inactivity as well as the expense that goes with it.

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