DaikinAccredited installer of Mitsubishi

 Common System Types

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning system

Split Systems Indoor air conditioning units connected to a matched capacity outdoor cooling/heat pump unit with refrigeration quality pipework.

VRV/VRF systemsA number of indoor units connected to a single outdoor cooling/ heat pump unit via a network of refrigeration pipework.

Chilled WaterIndoor fan coil units connected to a chilled water circuit. The chilled water is usually served by an external air cooled chiller selected from our extensive range.

Central plant systems Conditioned air distributed through ducts from a central air handling unit with Chilled Water or Direct Expansion cooling function.

All systems are used for heating and cooling the occupied space to the client specification.

Greenworks Controlled Environments: Designing and installing comfort air conditioning systems for all types of buildings.

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Daikin Seasonal Smart

Using air source Heat Pump technology our air conditioning systems are designed to meet the needs of the users of the finished space. We work closely with our clients to specify the most appropriate equipment for their particular needs and budget.

The air conditioning systems we use are available in a number of styles including wall or ceiling mounted, floor standing and over ceiling enabling us to select the most appropriate style to produce creative solutions to individual requirements whilst simultaneously paying close attention to energy efficiency, economy and ease of maintenance. We ensure our customers always receive the best possible short and long-term return on their investment.

For single room and smaller commercial applications we will select from single split systems, to grouped installations. For larger applications we install VRV/VRF systems where each indoor unit operates to heat or cool its location as required. Simultaneous heating and cooling of different areas within a building is possible, transferring heat from where it is a problem to where it may be used more usefully.

Enhanced Carbon TrustCapital Allowance Scheme

The ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme), applies in our case mainly to the commercial and industrial A/C (Air Conditioning) sectors.This Governmental initiative operates in conjunction with The Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Carbon Trust.

All Daikin and Mitsubishi products that are listed on the Energy Technology Product List which are produced by the ECA, conform to the energy standards and there would be a benefit in Tax allowance reclaim for our clients. Find out more about the scheme here.

Here at Greenworks Controlled Environments we aim to deliver a comfortable draught free environment for the minimum cost, both in terms of capital expenditure during installation, and ongoing operating cost. For more information on our air conditioning solutions please call us now on 01245 324 188.