Building Management System

A Building Management System is a computer-based control system installed into a building that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment. This can include ventilation, air conditioning and lighting to name a handful of elements.

Building management system

Greenworks Controlled Environments are a TREND systems integrator.

Your Building Management System will be designed, configured, built and installed by our team of experienced control engineers. They also specialise in the commissioning of TREND control systems in all aspects of environmental control.

Your system can be fully managed via a TREND based control system. This allows constant climate control while at the same time ensuring the most efficient and economical use of energy.

A building or floor can be divided into separate sensor-monitored zones and the system be configured to allow total flexibility of control over each zone. Central plant may be controlled to optimize the use of energy and the system managed through a centralized control station.

Where required, remote monitoring and engineer access to the system can be made available via a modem or internet link enabling our engineers to resolve problems on site and make system adjustments.

Couple this with the extra reassurance provided by a Programmed Maintenance Contract and a 24 hour emergency call-out cover option, and our customers achieve total peace of mind.

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