Cold Room

Close Controlled Cold Room for specialised substance storage

Greenworks Controlled Environments provide a full range of Cold Rooms and equipment for environments requiring specific temperature and humidity requirements.

Our talented and experienced team can help to create the perfect solution to suit your exact needs. We can work with you to design, install and maintain your controlled environment.

We can build to our clients’ required dimensions, to ensure that the room will make optimum use of the available space. Size is no limit and whether you require a small cold room, walk in cold room, commercial cold rooms or a large scale cold store we can design, build, service and maintain a cold room of your choice.

The structure is typically formed from Polyisocyanurate (PIR) panels. PIR is a superb insulation material that has the added benefit of being fire retardant. The panels are finished as standard with white food-safe plastic coated steel sheets, giving an attractive easy to clean surface both within and outside the room.

During manufacture, we can incorporate plywood strengtheners within some or all of a room’s insulated wall panels to act as a support for any items to be mounted on the walls. We can also provide Relative Humidity control into the cold room design.

Greenworks Cold Rooms can be supplied with modular insulated floors.These may be recessed into the existing over-site providing a level floor entry at the doorway or sited on top of the existing floor, creating an entry step at the doorway. In this case ramps can be supplied, if required, to ease trolley or barrow access. In some circumstances when the cold room is installed and is expected to operate above freezing on a ground floor site, with no basement beneath, the insulated floor can be safely omitted.

 Heated door frames and vision panels are also available. Our cold stores generally have a remote refrigeration unit, so any noise and extracted heat is dissipated into an area away from the room.

In some cases our cold rooms have a dedicated control and alarm panel mounted adjacent to the room. This will clearly show the conditions in the room and show an alarm for any deviation from the design conditions. Alarms can be visible, audible, via SMS text message or linked into the Building Management System. Additional alarms may be incorporated for trapped personnel or humidity.

Laboratory Cold Rooms

Greenworks Controlled Environments also specialise in the design and construction of specialised laboratory cold rooms. These can be suited to your specific temperature requirements.

Built to laboratory specifications, all wall and ceiling joints are finished with a coved detail and vinyl floors can be coved into the walls giving a smooth easy clean finish to the room. For heavier duty operations sheet metal and concrete flooring is available

Laboratory Environmental Test Chamber for adhesive testing

Environmental Test Chamber -20° Celsius to +25° Celsius.

Please get in touch by using the enquiry form on the right, or by calling us on 01245 324 188  now and we can help create the perfect cold room solution for you.