Water chillers for commercial, industrial and process applications

Greenworks Controlled Environments are proud to be authorized UK distributors for Parker Hiross, Tonon Forty, Riedel and KLH  providing an extensive range of top-quality, high performance, low noise process chillers. These systems are available with free cooling liquid chillers to the manufacturing sector for industrial process cooling and to the HVAC sector for comfort and close control air conditioning applications.

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We specialise in providing our clients with complete solutions to meet their needs. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and then propose a solution which can include:

Design: We will custom design a process chiller solutions that will meet the optimum capacity and specification for your needs.

Selection: Following design, the optimum process chiller unit is selected and any addtional features are considered, ensuring that the proposed system meets all the design requirements. Chiller units vary and using a bespoke cooling system that has been selected for you by our engineers can help decrease costs and increase it’s efficiency.

Installation: Our own installation teams have many years of experience siting and installing water chillers of all types and sizes. By using Greenworks Controlled Environments to deliver a turnkey project our clients can benefit from a seamless and trouble free installation.Our installation includes all the necessary pipework, valves, filters and insulation. We will organize crane lifts and strip out and dispose of existing or redundant systems with all elements being sent for disposal or recycling to the highest of current environmental standards.

Commissioning: Once the installation is complete it is necessary for the process chiller to be properly commissioned so it meets the design specification and starts its warranty period with an appropriate written record of the completed works.

Maintenance: The ongoing performance of the system is directly related to the required maintenance being completed to specification our factory trained engineers are specialists in keeping the chillers under our management in optimum condition at all times. We can also provide service and maintenance on existing chiller systems and commercial chillers. Details of our service and maintenance programs can be found here.

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