Engineer becomes Hitman

Engineer becomes Hitman

UWCB is a charity organisation that holds boxing events to raise money for Cancer Research. The participants will never have boxed  before and have 8 weeks intensive training before taking part in an organised fight with someone of a similar ability and weight. This year, engineer Gavin Horscroft took the challenge.

In the words of Gavin “The Hitman” Horscroft, here is the full report.

” After seeing a link on Facebook this year I decided to sign up and give boxing a shot. I trained with a professional twice a week along with 15 other people that entered.I then did my own training during the week and started to eat more healthily.

The training was very intense but really enjoyable, the lads were a great bunch and some really strong friendships were formed. I took the training and diet very seriously so when I turned up at the Cambridge Guildhall on fight night I was probably the fittest I have ever been.

The night of the fight really was amazing, it is very professionally run,we chose music to enter the ring to and all named ourselves,all tongue in cheek,I was Gavin “The Hitman” Horscroft (no pressure there then!).

image2 (5)

The Hitman in action.

We all had a medical for safety purposes,then I led our blue team into the ring were photos were taken and we were introduced to the audience with plenty of fist pumping and cheering,all exciting stuff..

From there it was some quick pad work to warm up and then the serious stuff begun.Suddenly my entrance music is on,my corner men are behind me and a rather pretty girl in front of me leads me through the audience and into the ring.

We’ve all seen it on TV…..we are lead to middle of the ring where we get last minute instructions and have a face off….THIS IS IT…

The bell went and we fought 3 x 2 minutes rounds, I was really pleased with my performance on the night, the extra training and diet paid off.

I put my opponent on the canvas in the 2nd round and went on to win the fight, the physical exertion over 3 rounds is very very hard,when the ref raised my arm in victory the relief of winning in front of my family and friends was immense.

image1 (2)

On the night we were all winners.

It took courage to enter the ring (I know I was very nervous),but none of us lost sight of this was for a good cause in  cancer relief,so on the night they were the biggest winners,I raised approximately £400 with £50 being kindly donated by Carole and Adam and something like £5000 was raised on the night,I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone that sponsored me.

UWCB are a nationwide organisation with charity events taking place throughout England and if anyone is reading this and is thinking they fancy having a go I would defiantly recommend it, it will be one of the most amazing things you will ever do.