Client: Abboud & Sukkar Consulting Group

Scope of Project: Design, build, supply and install Close Control Air Conditioning Services to serve a Secondary manufacturing facility, Finished Goods store and Quality Control Laboratory together with technical support throughout the duration of the project.

Location: Wad Medani, Sudan

Value: £200,000

Job Specifics: Close control of the temperature and the relative humidity across all areas of the facility at 25 deg. C, 65%Relative Humidity within a tolerance of + / – 1deg.K and + / – 2%RH. Utilising bespoke Greenworks manufactured 120Kw packaged direct expansion air conditioning units with on board humidifiers and motorised dampers for free fresh air cooling when available. The outside air temperature changing between 20 to 35deg.C, 15 to 60% Relative humidity for four months of the year and reaching 43deg.C, 10% Relative Humidity for the remaining eight months of the year.

The Greenworks Controlled Environments Touch: We have over 40 years’ experience designing, building and installing be-spoke air conditioning solutions for all sorts of process manufacturing requirements. Many of which have been in other countries in all parts of the world and continue to be supported by our service department, be spoke manufacturing facilities and BMS/Control Systems logging and bureaux desk.
Principal equipment installed: 3- Bespoke manufactured 120 Kw packaged air conditioning units with on board Greenworks configured Trend controllers.
To save shipping costs, plain sheets of galvanized sheet steel were sent to site and converted by local craftsmen into handmade and hand formed rectangular duct-work to provide the conditioned air distribution system. The quality of their work was and remains outstanding.