ING Telescope

Client: ING Group of Telescopes

Scope of Project: Design, build, supply and install Close Control Air Conditioning System, Mounted on a high level rotating platform on the William Hershell Telescope, to serve an experimental facility for planet observation.

Location: – La Palma – Canary Islands

Value: £40,000

Job Specifics: Close control of the temperature and relative humidity in a clean environment facility housing specialised equipment for observing galaxies via the W.H. Telescope. Maintaining minimal air turbulance, minimal vibration, HEPA filtration and a temperature control range of +20⁰c to +5⁰C ± 1Deg.K and ± 5% RH. In line with the variations of the Telescopes dome temperature.

The Greenworks Controlled Environments Touch: We have over 40 years’ experience designing, building and installing be-spoke air conditioning and BMS solutions for all sorts of process manufacturing requirements. Many of which have been in other countries in all parts of the world and continue to be supported by our service department, be spoke manufacturing facilities and BMS/Control Systems logging and bureaux desk.

Principal equipment installed: Greenworks manufactured Air Handling Unit (with Inverter technology) and incorporating, Humidifier, H13 HEPA Filtration, One KKW/RIEDEL air cooled water chiller and water distribution pipe-work, Two Halton Low Velocity Defusers, Integrated Control Panel with Greenworks configured Trend Control/ Building Management System and networking facilities, spiral insulated ductwork.